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Helsingin Musiikkitalo Oy

Folk artist Onni Rajaniemi and Vilma Jää's runosong ensemble JÄINE.

Onni Rajaniemi

Onni Rajaniemi is a Vantaa-based singer-songwriter who draws inspiration from Finnish songwriting traditions, vintage Japanese pop music and psychedelic/progressive rock. Rajaniemi’s sprawling songs explore deep emotions such as love, loneliness, longing, confusion and getting lost in one’s own mind in an expressive or even abstract fashion. Everything is held together by his colourful improvisation-laden guitar playing and ethereal vocals.



Vilma Jää’s Jäine is a new generation of runosong singers, consisting of professional singers from the fields of folk music and pop&jazz music. Founded by folk musician Vilma Jää, who specialises in traditional Ingiran ensemble runosong, the ensemble’s repertoire consists of Jää’s tradition-inspired compositions, in which the singers’ technical skills shine through. Jää’s stunning arrangements and harmonies are created both beforehand and by improvising in the moment.

JÄINE: Vilma Jää, Erika Hammarberg, Anne-Mari Pitkänen ja Laura Maria Rinta

Vilma Jää


Free concerts are held at Musiikkitalo’s terrace on summer afternoons from Wednesday to Saturday, May 29th to Aug 3rd.

The concerts feature talented musicians from the Sibelius Academy of the University of Arts Helsinki, as well as concerts presented by HelsinkiMissio, Organ Night & Aria and World Music Centre. The genres and music vary daily: mostly classical or folk music on Wednesdays, jazz on Fridays and pop on Saturdays.