Accessibility at Musiikkitalo

Pyörätuolilla liikkuva henkilö ja aulapalveluhenkilökuntaa Musiikkitalon sisäänkäynnin luona.

On this page we talk about what we are doing to make Musiikkitalo accessible for all. We’re committed to eliminating the barriers that hinder people’s participation in and enjoyment of our concerts and other events. Everyone is welcome at Musiikkitalo.

Accessible concert visits

All of our auditoriums are designed to have wheelchair spaces and accessible seating available to visitors. Please note that in our Concert Hall there are lots of stairs which lead to our non-accessible seating. Complimentary companion tickets are offered to the majority of our events.

Your visit

At Musiikkitalo, we are committed to delivering a fully accessible experience to all our visitors and offer step-free access throughout. Please see below for more information on how to get here and how to navigate the building once you’ve arrived. Our staff are always on hand if you require any assistance. During concerts, members of staff can be found at the Visitor Information Point, foyer and cloakrooms. At all other times, please make your way to the Visitor Information Point.

Information on arriving at Musiikkitalo can be found under Your visit.

Accessibility at Musiikkitalo – tell us what you think

At Musiikkitalo, we’re committed to improving accessibility throughout our building and keen to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions on how we can do better.
You can submit your feedback using our online form or by speaking directly to a member of staff.

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