Guided tours

Get behind the scenes at Musiikkitalo! Our guided tours are a gateway to the world of music and allow you to enhance your experience of Musiikkitalo.

Join one of our guided tours to discover the behind-the-scenes world of Musiikkitalo. The experience will have you hearing, and seeing, music in a whole new way and also answer questions like “what’s a sound canopy?”, “do the seats in the auditorium really come with a set of lungs?” and “what’s so special about the new Musiikkitalo concert organ anyway?”. Our public tours will introduce you to the building’s architecture, allow you to experience our stunning Concert Hall and whisk you backstage too. Our dedicated organ tours are a chance to find out more about our brand new and utterly unique Rieger instrument.

Tickets for our tours are available through the Musiikkitalo box office.

Public tours

During the regular guided tour, we’ll show you what happens daily at Musiikkitalo, introduce you to the architecture and take you into our spectacular Concert Hall. This tour lasts 1 hour.

Musiikkitalo’s Backstage Pass Tour takes you behind-the-scenes to places that cannot be reached on the regular tours. You will hear interesting stories from backstage!
Please note that this tour is not fully accessible. The tour lasts 1,5 hours.

Organ presentation is a chance to find out more about our brand new organ. How does a world-class instrument sound? Discover the world’s largest modern concert organ! The presentation lasts 1 hour.

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