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Helsinki Music Centre to launch new ticket sales system.

Helsinki Music Centre’s ticket sales system is set to be updated over the coming months. As a result of this update, all our events will gradually be removed from the national Ticketmaster Suomi platform. Once the transition is complete, tickets to Helsinki Music Centre concerts and other events will be available through our own channels: musiikkitalo.fi website, our phone service and box office.

Tickets to concerts by our resident ensembles, the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, as well as performances by Sibelius Academy students will also available through their own websites.

The transition to our new system will take place gradually. Tickets to our 2024 spring season events will still be available to buy through the Ticketmaster platform. Tickets to any summer and autumn season events that go on sale before 1 April 2024 will also be available on the Ticketmaster platform. Any events launched after this date will be sold through the Helsinki Music Centre channels and will no longer be available on Ticketmaster.

On 15 June 2024, all remaining tickets on Ticketmaster will be transferred to the new Helsinki Music Centre system. After this date, no tickets to Helsinki Music Centre events will be available on the Ticketmaster Suomi website or box offices.

For the duration of this transition process, and also before and after it takes place, tickets to all Helsinki Music Centre events will of course be available to purchase through our website and from our box office. So why not take a moment to bookmark our website at www.musiikkitalo.fi now!

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Tickets to Helsinki Music Centre events are available through our website, phone service and box office.

Box Office

Box office is located at Helsinki Music Centre. In addition to our standard opening hours, we’re also always open one hour before an event.

Phone service

Tel. 0600 411 101
Mon-fri 9–15
Price of a call 8,35 snt/call + 16,69 snt/min

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To purchase tickets online, you will find tickets on the event’s own page. Search for events and tickets in the events calendar.

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