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1 h 15 min.


Helsingin Musiikkitalo Oy

The Globe Art Point concert features Brazilian singer Nei Zigma and rapper Pete Santos.


In a fusion of jazz, baião, corimba, rock, samba and other contemporary tones, Brazilian singer Nei Zigma living in Helsinki, presents a pocket show of his recent album “Evoca Negreira”. Accompanied by musicians Juuso Hannukainen (percussion) & Markus Holkko (saxophone and keyboards), the artist’s compositions feature influences from Brazilian Black Music in reverence to Afro-South Amerindian heritage.

Nei Zigma, vocals, acoustic guitar
Juuso Hannukainen, percussion
Markus Holkko, saxophone, synths


Pete Santos

A nomad from birth, Pete Santos has lived in different parts of the U.S. and Europe and been exposed to different cultures and their styles of music. After releasing several music projects in recent years, the rising singer, rapper, and songwriter is beginning to join forces with big name artists. Pete Santos makes life music that is a product of an eventful life and a deep passion for soulful and rhythmic music.

Pete Santos
Granger Simmons


Presented by Globe Art Point.
Concert is part of the Helsinki Day program and the Singing is for Everyone side programme of the Mirjam Helin Singing Competition.


Free concerts are held at Musiikkitalo’s terrace on summer afternoons from Wednesday to Saturday, May 29th to Aug 3rd.

The concerts feature talented musicians from the Sibelius Academy of the University of Arts Helsinki, as well as concerts presented by HelsinkiMissio, Organ Night & Aria and World Music Centre. The genres and music vary daily: mostly classical or folk music on Wednesdays, jazz on Fridays and pop on Saturdays. On Thursdays of May and June, the program will be provided by Radio Helsinki Kesälive.