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1 h 15 min.


Helsingin Musiikkitalo Oy

Kymmenkieli is a duo that makes danceable modern Finnish folk music!

Musicians Viive Virtanen (fiddle) and Carolina Stenbäck (cello) offer you traditional music as well as their own tradition-based compositions, flavored with their unique Kymmenkieli sound. The Kymmenkieli sound consists of playful fiddle melodies combined with strong cello accompaniment, that are often twisted the other way around, playing with the different possible roles of these two instruments. We’re pretty sure that your feet will start stamping the floor when listening to this duo!


Free concerts are held at Musiikkitalo’s terrace on summer afternoons from Wednesday to Saturday, May 29th to Aug 3rd.

The concerts feature talented musicians from the Sibelius Academy of the University of Arts Helsinki, as well as concerts presented by HelsinkiMissio, Organ Night & Aria and World Music Centre. The genres and music vary daily: mostly classical or folk music on Wednesdays, jazz on Fridays and pop on Saturdays.