Estimated duration

2 h, incl. intermission


Radion sinfoniaorkesteri

Nicholas Collon, conductor
Louise Alder, soprano
Kazutaka Morita, timpani

Richard Ayres: ”No. 57 (K’s Strange Day)” for Timpani and Orchestra, world premiere (Yle commission)
Richard Strauss: Four Songs Op. 27
Dmitri Shostakovich: Symphony No. 5 in D Minor Op. 47

The timpanist is, says Richard Ayres, half musician and half magician, a solitary figure presiding over his huge kettledrums at the back of the orchestra. K’s Strange Day was composed for FRSO percussionist Kazutaka Morita. Richard Strauss wrote his Four Songs, Op. 27 as a wedding present for his wife Pauline. The words, sung now by Louise Alder, speak of love and passion, but also of a search for inner peace.