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Musiikkitalon urut soimaan ry

Since 2008, Anu Komsi and Marzi Nyman have performed as vocal/organ duo in numerous churches in Finland, mixing in their repertoire happily classical, jazz, gospel and contemporary elements into an integration of feelgood and surprises. Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concert takes the central position, surrounded by echoes of the universe in Kaija Saariaho’s works, and Marzi Nyman’s Leino songs combining the Finnish lutheran hymn tradition and emotional earthiness of soul music. From Ellington’s suite Komsi and Nyman select the movements that leave room for their own styles of interpretation where crazy ideas, intrumental virtuosity and stylistic knowledge produce an exciting entity. In every performance, Anu and Marzi embark on a voyage of daring freedom and sincerity, wholeheartedly welcoming their audiences to enjoy the fun.