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Musiikkitalon urut soimaan ry

In 2025, it has been 340 years since the birth of Johann Sebastian Bach. Riikka Viljakainen has had success in several international organ competitions: the NDR Musikpreis 2000 Competition in Germany (3rd prize), the Johann Joseph Fux Organ Competition in Austria in 2002 (1st prize), and the Alkmaar Schnitger Organ Competition in the Netherlands in 2005 (2nd prize). She has also received the international Arp Schnitger Society’s young organist award in 2002. In addition to her solo concerts, Viljakainen regularly performs both as organist and pianist with singers, instrumentalists, and choirs.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750): Praeludium in c, BWV 546/1

Concerto in C, BWV 594 (arr. Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons D Major RV 208)
Recitativ Adagio

Fuga in c, BWV 546/1

Jehan Alain (1911–1940): Trois Dances (JA 120)

Guy Bovet (s. 1942): III Hamburg (from Hamburger Totentanz, 1970)