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Musiikkitalon urut soimaan ry

The Musica nova concert commemorates Kaija Saariaho, who died on 2 June 2023 and whose contribution to the new organ was invaluable. In the concert, Jan Lehtola will premiere three solo works that were awarded in the International Kaija Saariaho Organ Composition Competition. Lehtola will also premiere compositions from three young Finnish-based composers: Tiina Myllärinen, Aino Tenkanen, and Mioko Yokoyama. After the intermission, the organ’s computer-generated features will be heard for the first time with Jean-Baptiste Barrière and Alejandro Olarte. Jan Lehtola was involved in the designing process of the new organ and he also collaborated with Kaija Saariaho. Lehtola has premiered 200 compositions and recorded the complete organ works of nearly twenty contemporary composers for international record labels.

Hommage à Kaija Saariaho

Luc Antonini (FR)(b. 1961): Sonate, premiere
Yves Balmer (FR) (b. 1978): Winds Choreography, premiere
Zacharias Ehnvall (SWE) (b. 1991): Multiplicité, premiere

Tiina Myllärinen (b. 1979): [new composition], premiere
Aino Tenkanen (b. 1991): [new composition], premiere
Mioko Yokoyama (b. 1989): [new composition], premiere
Maija Hynninen (b. 1977): [new composition], premiere

New possibilities of the organ with Jean-Baptiste Barrière and Alejandro Olarte (electronics).

In cooperation with Musica nova and Music Centre’s Play the Organ Association.