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1 h


Radion sinfoniaorkesteri

Arvid Larsson, artistic planning and bassoon
Yuki Koyama, flute
Fàtima Boix Cantó, clarinet
Arvid Larsson, bassoon
Eeva Rysä, cello
Aapo Juutilainen, double bass

Erkki Melartin: Trio for Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon
W. A. Mozart: Duet for Bassoon and Cello
Tapio Tuomela: New work, world premiere
Mark Andre: E2 for Cello and Double Bass
Pekka Saarinen: Terpsichorean Suite

“Nunquam salto sobrius” means “I never dance when I’m sober” and is the name of one movement from the Terpsichore Suite by Pekka Saarinen. The dance suite for flute, clarinet, bassoon, cello and double bass now to get its first performance examines dance from various angles. The evening gets a little rowdy in the closing movement, “The Last Bars”, at the end of which the clarinettist goes a bit over the top and does not know when to stop when the others have had enough.