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1 h


Radion sinfoniaorkesteri

Teemu Kauppinen and Miika Uuksulainen, artistic planning
Leena Jaakkola, violin
Salla Savolainen, violin
Jakob Dingstad, viola
Miika Uuksulainen, cello
Teemu Kauppinen, double bass

Johannes Matthias Sperger: Sonata for Viola and Double Bass in D Major
Mauricio Kagel: Pieces from “Aus dem Nachlass”
Alberto Ginastera: String Quartet No. 1 Op. 20
Astor Piazzola: Libertango

This Sunday concert presents the four strings of a symphony orchestra. Following the somewhat rare line-ups (viola-double bass, viola-cello-double bass) of the piece by Sperger and Kagel is the most common, and possibly dominant ensemble, the string quartet. The number of players in the pieces grows from two to four and on to five, when all get together for Astor Piazzolla’s Libertango.