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11 h


Taideyliopiston Sibelius-Akatemia

The exhibition works are on display in the display cabinets that go around the main Concert Hall of the Helsinki Music Centre.

The exhibition “Gatherings” curated by Elif Erdoğan and Isabela Hueara Carneiro features artworks by 8 artists from Uniarts Helsinki’s Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibition explores the idea of harvest through various mediums, touching on themes such as abundance, the passage of time, environmental elements, gardens, celebration, human labor, community, and storytelling. The aim is to engage visitors beyond the visual realm, inviting them to reflect on the essence of people coming together to reap the rewards of their collective efforts. 

The exhibition is part of Uniarts Helsinki’s conferment ceremony for masters and doctors, which will take place in August 2024. The theme of harvest will also be present in the Celebration of the Arts event on 16 August 2024, which kicks off the conferment weekend.


Milja Havas, Meri Hiironen, Joel Hilska-Heikkinen, Piia Kokkarinen, Raana Lehtinen, Kate Ruck, Eva Volmerson, Arno Westerberg.