Organo – Truly unique

Capacity: 80–140 seated, depending on desired configuration

Stage: Level floor, no stage

Technical specification: Electronically operated acoustic curtains, technical lighting, projector screen, mobile presentation equipment, small enclosed control booth and induction loop.

Organo offers the ideal setting for organ recitals and early music concerts. This unique space is also well suited to speaking events. If you’re looking to organise a truly memorable seminar with a difference, bring your audience to Organo.

Concerts, seminars, ceremonial occasions…

Organo has a level floor with seating that can be flexibly arranged into your desired configuration. It is also equipped with a screen and mobile presentation equipment. Due to the presence of the high-value instruments, the ambient temperature in the Organo is kept slightly on the cooler side.

Cultural events

Organ recitals, early music concerts.

Corporate events

Seminars, meetings, discussion events.