Spacious foyers

Main Foyer capacity: 800 standing or 350 seated

Upper Foyer capacity: 180 standing or 80 seated

Lower Foyer: 250 standing or 100 seated

Stage: Various options, as required.

Technical specification: Mobile sound, light and projection equipment available by arrangement. Raked seating available in the Lower Foyer, with option to project on to rear wall.

The Main Foyer and Upper Foyer are fully glazed to provide impressive views of the bustling Kansalaistori Square and Töölönlahti Bay beyond. These attractive spaces are ideal for parties and launch events. The Lower Foyer on the ground floor can acts as a focal point or base for the events here and also offers a fantastic setting for break times.

Parties, drinks receptions, dinners, launch events…

We invite you to make the most of these wonderful spaces. Wonderfully open and spacious, they can comfortably welcome large numbers of people, are suited for both seated and standing events and are equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and performance equipment to create a mood and ambiance to really catch your guests’ attention. These spaces are also used to support events organised in the Music Centre auditoriums.  

Cultural events

Music and dance performances, art exhibitions, fashion shows,…

Corporate events

Parties, drinks receptions, launch events, dinners,…