Estimated duration

2 h, incl. intermission


Musiikkitalon urut soimaan ry

Many Finnish organ music fans are familiar with the Swedish organist Gunnar Idenstam, since he has given several concerts in Finland. To celebrate the Music Centre organ’s first anniversary, Idenstam will perform a set that represents the organist himself very well. Nothing is sacred to this hyper-improviser who draws from folk music. The concert starts with a boundary-breaking soundtrack suite, in which familiar melodies await to be recognised. After this, Idenstam will premiere his composition that was awarded with the Lahti Organ Festival’s special prize in the International Kaija Saariaho Organ Composition Competition. The concert culminates in arrangements of Bruckner’s eight symphony and Ravel’s Boléro. This New Year’s Day will not lack fireworks!

Soundtrack Suite
Main theme from the computer game Battlefield 1942 (©Geek Music)
Gortoz a Ran from the movie Black Hawk Down (©Denez Prigent)
Hogworth´s Hymn from the movie Harry Potter (©Patrick Doyle)
Anthem from the movie Top Gun (©Harold Faltermeyer)

Gunnar Idenstam: Pictures from the Future, Suite in four movements (World Première)
s. 1961
I Apocalypse Vortex
II Paradise in Darkness
III Wind of Death
IV Hammers in the Sky


Anton Bruckner: Symphony no 8 in C Minor, III: Adagio (arr. Idenstam)

Maurice Ravel: Boléro (arr. Idenstam)