The Covid-19 safety measures

We trust that you will enjoy the concert. We here at Musiikkitalo are doing our best to ensure that your visit with us will be as carefree as possible. This is why we are now approaching you to tell you about the safety arrangements at the concerts.

At Musiikkitalo, we follow all instructions given by the Finnish authorities. In addition, we have a few additional precautions in place. We pay special attention to clearly and visibly instruct all our visitors about our safety measures.

You will find our instructions below. Please acquaint yourself with them before arriving at Musiikkitalo.

Stay at home if ill

Please stay at home if you have even the slightest symptoms of flu. Our main operators HPO and FRSO have extended the terms of returning tickets, and you can change your ticket to another concert of the same orchestra by calling Musiikkitalo ticket sales until 11 am of the concert day. See more details at the bottom of this page.

Usage of face masks and gloves

We strongly recommend using a face mask in all events held at Musiikkitalo. If you don’t have a your own mask with you, you can have one free of charge at the info desk next to the ticket sales. Disposable gloves are also available, if you wish to use them.

Let’s avoid overcrowding

Please keep a sufficient distance to other customers. Pay special attention to safe distances when queueing.

Pay attention to hand hygiene

Use the hand sanitizer dispensers by the entrances. Signs will guide you to the nearest place where you can wash your hands. If you need to sneeze or cough, please do so into your sleeve or a disposable tissue.

Arrive on time

Due to the safety arrangements, entering and moving around in Musiikkitalo might take more time than normally. Therefore, please reserve enough time for arriving at the concert.

Leave your coat and baggage in the cloakroom

From October on, you will have to leave your coat and baggage in the cloakroom. The regular cloakroom fee of 2 euros per person is in use again.

No more safety distances in concert halls

After September, safety distances are no longer necessary in concert halls. Please note that if your party has bought concert tickets when safety distances (i.e. empty seats between your seats) were in effect, it is possible that another person buying a ticket now will be seated on that previously empty seat. If that should happen, you are free to kindly negotiate on the spot and swap your seats so that you and your party can sit together.

Leaving the concert hall is done in an orderly manner, row by row, as instructed by our staff.


Please order your catering in advance. Pre-ordering ensures you the refreshments you wish and the seating in the foyer. This way we also will prevent the foyer areas from getting crowded. The tables and seats are placed with safe distances in the foyer.

You can pre-order by emailing, calling +358 20 762 4862 (Mon–Fri 8.30–16.00), online or by using the mobile app Restis.

You can also order your refreshments before the concert at Musiikkitalo, if there are available seats in the foyer.

Exchanging an HPO or FRSO concert ticket in case of illness

Musiikkitalo ticket sales accepts ticket returns on weekdays Mon–Fri  9–11 AM by phone: +358 20 7070 437 (call rates below). The announcement of cancelling your visit must be given by phone on the concert day by 11 AM at the latest. The ticket can be swapped for another available concert of the same orchestra, and the price category can also be changed without refund. If you do not wish to choose the new concert immediately, you may also choose a so-called open concert ticket, which is valid for a year. The open ticket must be exchanged for the real concert ticket at Musiikkitalo ticket sales during its validity period.

Call rates:
Land line: 8,35 snt/call + 7,02 snt/min
Mobile:  8,35 snt/call + 17,17 snt/min
Abroad: normal abroad call rate