Unique ambiance

Audience capacity: Fully accessible space for 120 seated or 250 standing guests.

Stage: Provided.

Technical specification: Fitted sound system, project and screen, stage lighting, venue lighting scheme available on request. Suitable for TV shoots. Backstage areas, dressing rooms, private cloakroom and entrance.

Klubi is perfect for morning, evening and weekend events of all kinds, from concerts, dance performances and stand-up sessions to record launches, parties and more formal events like seminars and press conferences. It is also ideally set up for professional television shoots.

TV shoots, seminars, celebrations, press conferences…

We can customise the space, including furniture and decorations, according to your requirements. The stylish stage offers a fantastic visual backdrop complete with a grand piano, while all the sound and audio-visual systems are state-of-the-art. We know from experience that the compact space allows audiences to feel comfortable and fully engage with the event.

Cultural events

Music, dance, stand-up,…

Corporate events

VIP events and press conferences, TV shoots, drinks receptions, parties, seminars, meetings.