Press images

These press images are available for editorial use relating to Helsinki Music Centre. If you’re intending to use them for any other purpose, please contact Remember to always credit the photographer and Helsinki Music Centre when using these images.

Helsinki Music Centre logo

The dots that make up our logo represent a group of people gathered together, as if around a campfire . The concentric circles also denote sound waves travelling through space.


Filming and photography

Non-commercial filming and photography

Filming and photography are permitted in the public areas of the Music Centre for non-commercial and personal purposes, provided that the activity does not inconvenience our other visitors or interfere with our day-to-day operations. In practical terms this means no electrical extension cords or getting under the feet of our other visitors. If you’re visiting the Music Centre for non-commercial filming or photography, please let our visitor information team know about your plans on your arrival. We reserve the right to withhold permission for filming and photography.

Commercial photography and filing

If you would like to organise a commercial shoot at Helsinki Music Centre, please contact our communications team:

Concert recordings and press tickets

Unfortunately, Helsinki Music Centre’s management team are unable to issue press tickets or arrange permission to record rehearsals or concerts. If you are a journalist interested in one of our upcoming events, please contact the concert organiser directly.
As a rule, recording is not permitting during concerts, unless specifically authorised by the event organiser. Photography for private and media use is permitted before and after the concert and during applause.

Press releases

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