Arrange a concert

Everything sounds better at Helsinki Music Centre! The Centre boasts top-quality concert halls, and staff will help you arrange a fabulous concert.


Helsinki Music Centre has hosted some of the top artists of classical and popular music. The artists have played versatile genres of music: symphonies, modern jazz, metal, tango, schlager and world music.

We have served domestically and internationally recognized booking agencies, agents, artists and orchestras willing to work directly with us.


The joy of artistic creation is an essential part of the Centre’s concerts. The Centre has hosted grand children’s concerts, choir festivals and school concerts, which have taken place all over the building, with hundreds of performers.

Helsinki Music Centre is the location for many reputable competitions. The Centre has hosted high-quality choir contests and internationally significant vocal and violin competitions.

Small Halls

The Centre’s small concert halls provide an intimate atmosphere. Seating around 200 visitors, the halls are suitable for high-class, professional concerts, as well as student and amateur matinées. The halls have hosted pop and big band concerts, early music series, birthday concerts and lied evenings just to name a few.

We also host seminars for small and medium-sized companies.


Helsinki Music Centre’s club evenings focus on the performer. The excellent PA and lighting systems in the restaurant and Black Box set the tone for the evening. Rock, pop, jazz and world music have been performed during these evening events. The Centre also hosts stand-up events.


Helsinki Music Centre also provides your concerts with lighting and sound planning and productions of documentary recordings.

The Centre’s high-quality technology also enables the possibility of broadcasting your event via the Internet or on television.

Concert and event examples:

  • Concerts for a maximum of 1700 visitors in the Concert Hall
  • Concerts for up to 300 visitors in the small halls
  • Music events for 2300 visitors in the Centre’s foyers and halls
  • Clubs for 300 visitors in Black Box
  • Clubs for 200 visitors in the restaurant