Sonore – Stylish and elegant

Audience capacity: 206 fixed seats with orchestra pit, 278 removable seats without orchestra pit.

Stage: Large stage.

Technical specification: Comprehensive range of lighting equipment, sound system, video projector and screen, enclosed and open control booth, bar and chain hoists.

Thanks to the shallow raked seating, Sonore offers excellent sightlines for everyone in the audience. Depending on your requirements, the orchestra pit can be converted to create additional capacity or to extend the stage, making this a wonderfully versatile space suitable for a wide variety of different occasions and uses.

Concerts, seminars, meetings, theatre performances…

The stage extends across the full width of the space here, offering plentiful room for both performers and stage sets and props. The acoustics have been designed specifically with vocal music and music theatre in mind and will also complement speaking events.

Cultural events

Vocal and orchestral concerts, music theatre.

Corporate events

Seminars, meetings, discussion events.