Global Music Collective KAôS is a vibrant assembly of artists from diverse cultural backgrounds.

KAôS is a vibrant assembly of artists from diverse cultural backgrounds, uniting their talents to explore the blend of traditional and contemporary folk music worldwide. With members originating from Taiwan, Iran, and Portugal, their collaboration is a testament to the universality of music and the power of cultural exchange.

Operating on a shared ethos, each member contributes their unique perspective and expertise. Ni Jui Hsin, also known as Ray, brings his mastery of the Tsugaru shamisen, infusing performances with elements of Japanese traditional folk, pop, rock, and original compositions. Sara Majidi Nejad, a skilled Qanun and Piano player from Iran, adds her passion for Persian music and her dedication to blending Middle Eastern and Balkan traditions. João Luís, a versatile percussionist from Portugal, contributes with his eclectic musical style and commitment to community outreach.

KAôS breathes new life into ancient melodies through innovative arrangements and heartfelt performances, infusing them with contemporary relevance and personal stories. Their repertoire spans a global spectrum, encompassing traditional folk tunes from Taiwan, Japan, Persia, and Portugal, inviting listeners on a transcendent journey across continents and cultures.

More than just musicians, KAôS are storytellers, weaving narratives of shared experiences and connections. In their endeavour, they foster a sense of unity and celebration, forging meaningful connections between audiences and the intricate blend of traditional and contemporary human expression through music.

Ni Jui Hsin, tsugaru shamisen
Sara Majidi Nejad, qanun
João Luís, percussion, voice

This concert is presented by the Global Music Centre (est 1979) & Etnosoi!

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Free concerts are held at Musiikkitalo’s terrace on summer afternoons from Wednesday to Saturday, May 29th to Aug 3rd.

The concerts feature talented musicians from the Sibelius Academy of the University of Arts Helsinki, as well as concerts presented by HelsinkiMissio, Organ Night & Aria and World Music Centre. The genres and music vary daily: mostly classical or folk music on Wednesdays, jazz on Fridays and pop on Saturdays. On Thursdays of May and June, the program will be provided by Radio Helsinki Kesälive.

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Helsingin Musiikkitalo & Maailman musiikin keskus


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