Global Orchestra and Global Choir will throw a Concert for Schools!

The Global Orchestra and Global Choir features Bachelor and Master students from the Global Music Programme at Sibelius Academy, bringing together a large ensemble of 20 plus instrumentalists and singers from many corners of the world to create innovative new music inspired by cultural diversity.

The Global Orchestra is not just a band. It is a laboratory of sound, where our visions take the shape of sonic atmospheres. This concert is about a celebrating a happy triumph in the face of adversity.

The multicultural Global Choir, focused on rhythm music, begun its activities at the Sibelius Academy in the autumn of 2016. It is open to all students of the Sibelius Academy, performs music based on vocal techniques, improvisation, melodies and rhythmic traditions from around the world. Fall 2021 the choir has worked with the theme of learning traditional west African material from original sources and transforming that to choral material. The choir also has been studying vocal painting as a method to improvise a “love song for Afghanistan” together. The choir is led by Merzi Rajala.

Global Fest 2021

Global Fest 2021 is the 5th edition of an annual festival featuring students, teachers, alumni and special guests representing Sibelius Academy’s Global Music Department. Bringing together artists from many corners of the world, the Global Music Department focusses on intercultural dialogue and collaboration, creating new artistic work together and fostering a sense of global citizenship. Expect a feast of dynamic, innovative and inspiring concerts, workshops and pop up events, featuring performers from around the world celebrating the diversity of our planet.

Featuring performers from diverse corners of the world, including Aruba, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo, Latvia, Mozambique, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, UK, and Tanzania.

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