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Leave your furrowed brow at the door, because this concert is guaranteed to deliver good vibes and energy! The Vienna Berlin Music Club, or Philharmonix, consists of musicians from both the Vienna and Berlin philharmonic orchestras. Together they form a chamber music ensemble with the aim of playing everything that cannot be played in a symphony orchestra. Everything that they interpret as music that brings joy and freedom. In addition to classical music, the programme also includes some jazz, klezmer and pop song arrangements.

Daniel Ottensamer (Clarinet)
Noah Bendix-Balgley (Violin)
Sebastian Gürtler (Violin)
Thilo Fechner (Viola)
Stephan Koncz (Violoncello)
Ödön Rácz (Double Bass)
Christoph Traxler (Piano)

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Starting from 22,50 € / 20 €

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