Get ready for a musical journey to Balkans!

Get ready for a musical journey like no other! The dynamic Balkan music cover trio is here to transport you to the heart of the Balkans through their performances.

Dive into the rich tapestry of Balkan music! The diverse repertoire spans the entire Balkan region, from the heart-rending ballads to the toe-tapping folk dances of the Balkans, and beyond.

Sara Majidi Nedjad is dedicated and accomplished Qanun performer, specializing in Iranian music. Currently enrolled in advanced studies in Global Music at the esteemed Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, she has cultivated a robust foundation in Iranian Music Performance and Qanun during her academic tenure at the Art University of Tehran.

Aarne Toivonen is a versatile musician from Helsinki, Finland. Whether playing drums and singing in his rock bands or playing diverse genres in settings such as theaters, restaurants or parties, Aarne will give the audience an entertaining show.

Devina Boughton (they/them) is a versatile trumpet player, vocalist, composer and pedagogue hailing from rainy Portland, OR and currently based in Helsinki, Finland. Devina explores and intertwines different genres, building sound worlds that play with and cross borders between improvisation and composition. They are currently inspired by timbres, nature and technology, human experiences and stories and are passionate about interdisciplinary and cross-genre collaboration.

Vasileios Katopodis (1985) is a musician, researcher and producer from Athens, Greece. He considers music as a lifelong learning process. Through the prism of punk-rock, he has approached the music traditions of the world that had an impact on him and studied them while shaping his own musical style. He has played in a series of bands of different genres has been working professionally in music since 2006. It is his big belief that music is one, and if one digs deeper the purpose and the core of music are always similar. Music is just another form of expressing oneself, and values such as solidarity, social justice and collaboration. It is a way of understanding the world.

Chrysa Panagiotopoulou is a singer based in Helsinki. Born and raised in Greece, Chrysa has always been deeply connected to her cultural heritage. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Global Music from the Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts of Helsinki, and a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics from the University of Patras. While working in the aviation industry, Chrysa passionately pursues her musical career.

Chrysa performs in Helsinki with projects dedicated to preserving and celebrating the Rebetiko music
tradition, like the band Rebetinkatu, and transcultural projects like her duo with Merve Abdurrahmani that
draws inspiration from their roots and the vibrant Mediterranean and Balkan music traditions, “Merve & Chrysa” performances are a captivating blend of soulful melodies, intricate rhythms, and heartfelt

Chrysa’s captivating voice and heartfelt performances, reflect her diverse background and leave a lasting impression to the audience.


Free concerts are held at Musiikkitalo’s terrace on summer afternoons from Wednesday to Saturday, May 29th to Aug 3rd.

The concerts feature talented musicians from the Sibelius Academy of the University of Arts Helsinki, as well as concerts presented by HelsinkiMissio, Organ Night & Aria and World Music Centre. The genres and music vary daily: mostly classical or folk music on Wednesdays, jazz on Fridays and pop on Saturdays. On Thursdays of May and June, the program will be provided by Radio Helsinki Kesälive.

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