Music from around the tumultuous year of 1848: patriotic romance, unyielding Nordic character and deep-rooted Central Europeanness.

Jan Söderblom

Isabelle Faust

Fredrik Pacius
The Hunt of King Charles, overture

Robert Schumann
Violin Concerto

Franz Berwald
Symphony No. 3 “Sinfonie Singuliere”

Jan Söderblom leads our musicians to a time when the future Finnish national anthem “Our Land” was being performed for the first time. All of this evening’s pieces were composed around the tumultuous year of 1848, when nationalist and liberal uprisings erupted across Europe. Listen to the patriotic romance, the unyielding Nordic character and the Central Europeanness rooted also in us.
Violinist Isabelle Faust has a passion for diving deep into the historical origins of the pieces she performs. Her interpretations of the classics are as enjoyable as a vintage wine made with knowledge, skill and heart.

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