Witold Lutosławski fished in his compositions for the souls that resonate from his music. The soloist for his Piano Concerto is Paavali Jumppanen.

Jukka-Pekka Saraste

Paavali Jumppanen

Sebastian Hilli

Witold Lutosławski
Piano Concerto

Carl Nielsen
Symphony No. 5

Carl Nielsen compared composing to rolling a stone. “I roll a stone up a hill; use the energy I have in me to get the stone up to a high point. And there the stone lies still. The energy is tied up in it – until I give it a kick, and the same energy is released and the stone rolls down again.”
Witold Lutosławski, by comparison, went out fishing when composing, fishing for the souls that resonate from his music. Pianist Paavali Jumppanen is himself a skilled angler with whom the orchestra will have the pleasure of performing Lutosławski’s Piano Concerto for the first time.

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