Oskar Merikanto’s and Toivo Kuula’s solo songs have a permanent place in the hearts and souls of Finns.

Anja Bihlmaier

Anu Komsi

Jukka Linkola
New piece, Helsinki Variations (world premiere)

Toivo Kuula
The Sea-Bathing Maidens

Oskar Merikanto
Pai pai paitaressu
Päivyt paistaos

Johannes Brahms
Symphony No. 1

Toivo Kuula and the HPO made a lasting impression on the Helsinki audiences in February 1911. “The young composer has with these two concerts fully captivated the audiences of the capital region. He is its favorite child now. He has, with his compositions, struck the heart of Helsinki.” (Suomalainen kansa, 24.2.1911). Part of the Helsinki captivation was also the Sea-Bathing Maidens, composed to lines from Eino Leino’s beloved poem collection
Helkavirsiä. Oskar Merikanto’s songs also have a stronghold on Finnish hearts and landscapes of the soul.

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