Finnish alternative quartet Ghost World returns with their sophomore album Spin. Whereas the group’s eponymous debut from last year was firmly standing atop the musical heritage of early 90’s alternative rock in all its slacker glory, Spin is a large step forward and sideways.

”One day the music in my head sounded different. I wrote the melodies first and the arrangements next. This is more of a natural progression from one phase to another and not a forced transition”, says the group’s singer-songwriter Liisa Tani.

Spin sounds not unlike the big-sounding homebrewed pop music of Big Star or The Byrds. ”In a way these songs are a return to my childhood, they have echoes of holiday trips and the jangly music playing in the car, scenery in the countryside, old-fashioned pop music and sixties psychedelia”, comments Tani, ”We attempted to capture an album’s worth of grassroots pop music, with the band playing in the same space with the listener.”

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