Nicholas Collon, conductor
Jukka Harju, French horn
Lilja Haatainen, violin

György Ligeti: Concerto for French horn
Outi Tarkiainen: Songs of the Ice
Jean Sibelius: Humoresques 1 & 2 for Violin and Orchestra
Jean Sibelius: Symphony No. 7 C Major Op. 105
“In the Arctic region, the ice breathes with the seasons, swelling in winter and shrinking in summer,” writes Outi Tarkiainen of Songs of the Ice. “Its age-old movement sings a song of its own: slowly surging, unrelenting and covering all beneath it.” György Ligeti was commissioned to write a Horn Concerto by a foundation in Hamburg, which is why it is called the Hamburg Concerto, as in the Bach Brandenburgs. Another masterpiece of concentrated musical thinking is Jean Sibelius’s last Symphony.

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